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Help sellers sell and buyers buy

Coordinate the entire sales team to facilitate the journey of the buyer (the pet owner)


Overcome current challenges and bring customers together in a unified and segmented way in a Veterinary CRM

Get to know your customers like never before with a real-time customer data platform. Discover powerful new interaction analytics that will give you a fully comprehensive view of your customers.

Promote the success of your Veterinary Network or Clinic by offering more relevant and personalized customer experiences, both online and in the Veterinary Network or Clinic, with VETyy.

Unify your data. Get predictive insights. Get amazing results.

Close more business deals

"Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a holistic view of customers"

Reduce the burden on sellers with familiar, integrated tools and streamlined, automated processes.

Make faster, more informed decisions by extracting insights in real time with scalable and expandable sales solutions.

Meet buyers wherever they are and offer them a secure and seamless sales process with digital and remote experiences.

Plus, :


VETyy is a Microsoft International CRM Veterinary Solution


Patient Service Portal, improves customer experiences


VETyy allows you to create efficient customer experiences


Manage the billing of Activities, Products and Veterinary Services


Efficiently manage the Veterinary histories of Animals and Pets


Use multiple devices. wherever you want at any time


VETyy is backed by Microsoft, 100% compatible Office y Outlook 365


To connect to other systems, websites, API's


Build customer loyalty by offering Health Plans and Prepaid Packs


Manage Veterinary Activities such as Appointments, Tasks, Calls, Services


Design and Automate your Veterinary Processes. Do More with Less


Automate your Business Marketing Campaigns and Processes


Design your own reports. Manage information without limits


Manage incidents and cases. Increase customer empathy in the face of adversity


Access the information of Customer when you pick up the phone


Add  new fields, create new views, create automatic processes

A veterinary software versus a VETERINARY CRM, in the management of networks and veterinary clinics

Let's see an example handling a VETERINARY SOFTWARE :


When a pet owner calls or visits the Veterinary Clinic to ask something and with the use of veterinary software, is it common to hear: "The veterinarian who attended you is in consultation or is not at the moment, wait, call again in another moment or come back  another day"

What  face does the Pet Owner get with that answer?

Would we like to experience this situation if the Clients were   us ?

And when the owner listens to the veterinary assistant who attends to him, ask him, and do you know who was the veterinarian who attended him?

What image are we giving?


Let's see an example managing a VETERINARY CRM :

When a pet owner calls or visits the Veterinary Clinic to ask something and with the use of a veterinary CRM, this is what happens: "When the owner   of the pet calls by phone _cc781905-5cde- 3194 - bb3b -136bad5cf58d_the CRM allows ANY person who answers the call to recognize the name and surname of the person who is calling, it also shows you the history of your pets on the screen. what happened in your history or in your last purchases WE HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION So it saves time, it increases the Customer's surprise when they pick up the phone and hear: Good afternoon Mrs. so-and-so or Mr. so-and-so, how can we help you?   And that same person   who attends you can answer any questions about what has happened so far with that owner or with their pet . He even knows who attended him and what he said.....

Is there disorder in your NETWORK or VETERINARY CLINIC if someone is missing ?


What do you use a veterinary software or a current VETERINARY CRM?






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