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Reduce phone calls by

Online Veterinary Appointments

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Unify all your veterinary appointments in one place:

  • face-to-face appointments

  • surgery appointments

  • Online Dating

  • Video Conference Appointments

  • Veterinary video conference

In addition, being integrated with the Veterinary CRM of the Clinic allows you to do a 360º follow-up of the patient and the Clients


  • Dra.  Núria Tabares Rivero  (Veterinarian and Veterinary Center Management Consultant)

  • David Espí   (author of the book CRM: How to get more out of your business with three letters)

  • Santiago de Cabo (Responsible for business development at VETyy)


"Reduce phone calls through APPOINTMENTS Online"


20:30: David Espí will tell us about the secret behind the word CRM to increase the sales of our business

20:40: Dr. Núria Tabares will tell us about the current situation of agendas, appointments and telemedicine in Veterinary Clinics and how we can reduce the management of calls, emails,...

20:50: DEMO of unified appointment management (Online, videoconference, face-to-face at the veterinary clinic) with VETyy

21:00: Questions and answers

PS: Veterinary management 2.0 is built by all of us

In addition to all those you already imagine, what advantages does it have? :

  • All unified in one place

  • error reduction

  • The Client can change or cancel the appointment himself. Avoiding wasting time calling or writing to the Veterinary Clinic

  • The Client can automatically receive different "personalized" notifications:

    • Receive an email notification automatically 15 minutes before your appointment 

    • receive a notice 1 day before your appointment

    • receive a notice ...... whatever comes to mind ... you configure it yourself and that's it! and the system works automatically for you 

  • Veterinary videoconference, through Microsoft Teams. The system automatically generates the appointment for the videoconference in the calendar and sends it to the Client and the Veterinarian who is going to carry out the Online veterinary consultation

Being integrated with the Veterinary CRM of the Clinic allows you to do a 360º follow-up of the patient and the Clients.






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