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We grow your business and your sales

How many  things would you like to do that you don't do due to lack of time?

Without realizing it, what you leave to do reduces business sales.

Now our DIGITAL assistant will work for you

What is the DIGITAL assistant?

It is a new way of communicating with Clients by WhatsApp, we can get to personalize each Client on their mobile phone. Something that with a WEB or an APP would result in high costs and slow, in the event that it could be done.


In addition, since WhatsApp is the application used today by 2,000 million people in the world, using it is almost immediate. Against the use of personalized websites and apps, which the user must download to their phone and learn to use.

The DIGITAL assistant is an assistant that allows   to automate day-to-day processes in the Company or Organization. While your team performs high-value personal tasks with Clients.

What functions can the DIGITAL assistant perform?

The DIGITAL assistant among many other tasks can:

  • Send automated emails when a Client leaves our Company to thank him for his visit, reminding him of the next visit and even a promotion for his next purchase.

  • Respond by email, WhatsApp or SMS to questions from Customers or users, such as: when is the next review, when does the warranty expire, what is the price of a product, when is an appointment available.

  • You can send reminders via email, whatsapp, sms reminding the Client or user of the appointment they have in the next few hours and indicating that if they cannot for any reason, offer them a change of schedule.

  • If the telephone of the Company or Organization communicates or cannot be answered. The DIGITAL assistant can send an email, whatsapp, sms, indicating to that person that their call has been received and in the same email or whatsapp they could open a conversation so that person  indicate the reason for their query. Offering you an answer if it is a review, what is the price of a product, when an appointment is available.

  • You can run marketing campaigns via emails, whatsapp, group or individual SMS. For example, when it is detected that someone who regularly buys a product is about to need a new order.

  • and many other day-to-day functions,....

and best of all, the DIGITAL assistant does it automatically.


How does the DIGITAL auxiliary do it automatically?

The DIGITAL assistant does it automatically, strictly following the instructions of the Company or Organization

To do this previously, our team has met with one of the experts in configuring the DIGITAL auxiliary and they have set all the parameters in a personalized way to the personality and way of working.

Try it now.

  1. Click on the whatsapp button below.

  2. Send the phrase "Hello VETyy" that appears by default.

  3. Press the send button... and check it out live

... we reduce the time you spend answering via WHATSAPP


Because your Clients now by su  whatsapp will be able to:


  • self-manage appointments 

  • place orders

  • make inquiries

  • receive reminders of reviews, warranty, upcoming appointments,...

  • and much more...


Start offering from your Company or Organization this EXCLUSIVE service from the hand of VETyy: the DIGITAL assistant. Since now!

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VETyy: the DIGITAL assistant that works for you 24x365 days






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