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What is being DIGITAL ? In our personal opinion, it is the moment when a person discovers that the software is a #tool. THE TOOL

From there, you get the ability to see that there are #digital tools on the market from €800 to more than 1 million euros.

And which one would you like to use in your department, the $800 tool or the $1 million plus tool?

Which do you think will give better results the $800 tool or the $1 million+ tool?

The best thing is that you can use the tool of more than 1 million € for a very low monthly fee.

Digital tools of more than €1 million can be found from €450 per month all included

AMAZON, CABIFY, and all the Digital companies that started from ZERO, saw it first

Software is the DIGITAL tool and applicable to all sectors #sales #health #construction #aeronautics #all sectors

What customer profile do we have?

  • Our  Customers are Digital and they know that the SOFTWARE is a TOOL

  • Our  Clients know that today, the audience is online and when that audience goes down the street, they already know where they are going. Because they found it first online

  • Our   Clients know that having the best TOOL and surrounding yourself with the best is out of most pockets. For this reason, they surround themselves with niche companies such as VETyy   that will give them disruptive and differential wings, at a lower cost

Would you take your dog to a clinic where they charge 7 to sterilize it
...and your cat?

Below you will find our prices, we have higher economic conditions than the average in the technology sector, because the results that companies obtain from working with us allows them to pay for it month by month and they are delighted to have found us.


Comparative veterinary software worldwide, features and prices, made by WHY Dynamics:
Features Veterinary Software.png
Preguntamos-a-nuestros-clientes-de clinicas-y-hospitales-de-veterinaria.JPG


with free support

without SLA

no data import

from €379/ month (*)

With Whatsapp support


level 1: 8 working hours

level 2: 24 working hours

level 3: from 48 working hours

no data import

from  810€/ month (*)

With premium phone support


level 1: 1 working hour

level 2: 4 working hours

level 3:  8 business hours

no data import

from  €1,800 / month (*)

(*) taxes not included

PS : VETyy: Your DIGITAL Veterinary Assistant from €379/month...
We guarantee  that 
your management will improve "brutally"

VETyy performs repetitive tasks automatically for you. Work for you. It is your veterinary assistant who remembers everything without you having to remind him. your digital robot






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