You do not want a Veterinary software

If you call us, let it be because you want a Veterinary Business Solution (backed by a leader like MICROSOFT), which in addition to making invoices, registration of Clients, Patients, Vet Records, ... allows you to grow by doing something more sophisticated than the rest lowering prices

Our job is to advise you, not convince you

For successfully launch a Veterinary Business solution, three points to consider:

  • Import the data from the previous system (the data; after your team; is the gold value of your business)

  • Business consulting (The magic that makes the difference and makes you different)

  • Monthly cost of license (the one that makes it possible for everything to work when you open)

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You decide the budget, we propose you the best

If you hire us, our first job is to propose the best solution that we can be doing for the amount you want to invest

*If your project requires a major investment, we will tell you in the first call

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Veterinary technology services

- We Customized VETYY for your Corporate Veterinary needs, in Record Time

- VETyy Support and Maintenance
- VETyy Training

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