Why VETyy instead of another veterinary software ?: 9+1 reasons

VETyy was born driven by the mission of exposing a vision of a Veterinary solution based on a strong Cloud platform and lasting in time.

  1. Updated weekly by MICROSOFT guaranteeing that it will be an updated solution with the passage of time

  2. It's MICROSOFT, it's easy to use from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC (Android, IOS, Windows)

  3. It's 100% compatible with Office (Word, Excel, PowerBi)

  4. It can be operated from Outlook

  5. We are constantly investigating in the veterinary sector worldwide to improve, be more efficient, useful and fast

  6. It has a very flexible architecture adaptable from a Unipersonal Clinic to a large Veterinary Corporation with hundreds of clinics around the world

  7. It can be used in more than 40 languages, in different currencies and different time schedules depending on the user who uses it

  8. It is safe, allows or restricts access to customer information, patients, clinical records, through roles, privileges and business units ....

  9. Allows you to have control of the veterinary business in the palm of your hand

+1  VETyy is directly supported by MICROSOFT guaranteeing the operation at all times


WHY Dynamics is the MICROSOFT Partner for VETyy


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